business leaders: why market research gives your work structure and direction

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Market Research for you
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1. Totally Accessible Market Forecasts
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2. Key Performance Index Points
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3. Path to your Customers
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4. Pricing
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5. Evaluating the best place for your business
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6. Good Surveys for knowing your Stakeholders
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Market Research for you Totally Accessible Market Forecasts More credibility with your shareholders Banks, other lenders Key Performance Index Points Customer satisfaction survey Customer help improve service and develp new products Your Position in the Market Path to your Customers How do they want to communicate Who are they How can I reach them on an easy way Where do I find new customers Pricing How do Customers see my price How much are they willing to pay What do my competitors What prices will attract new customers Price elasticity Evaluating the best place for your business Can I start my business here Good Surveys for knowing your Stakeholders What has your staff to say Question your clients and your neighbours